Autumnal Beech Leaves


The colour of autumn. The leaves of the Field Maple, Sycamore and Beech are all turning quickly now. We are one sharp frost away from bare branches.
Orange Bowl


For the lover of colour and form, made by hand, in small numbers bearing the makers signature, our bowls bring the joy of natures seasonal colours into your home.

She is the perfect gift for anyone who loves autumns colours.

Hawthorn Berries


We are well into the season of warm colours, with the hedgerows heavy with berries of all kinds. I do love this time of year.
Rosedale's Waterfall

The Weather

Well.. we British love to talk about the weather and it has been a tad wet as of late.

Rosedale's waterfall reappeared on the West side of the dale. Not seen this since the early 2000's

Rosedales Sycamore

Rosedales Sycamore

There is a magnificent tree on the village green.

Planted in 1911 is has grown into a magnificent specimen.

We look at these trees in a whole new way, following the cutting down of Sycamore Gap.

The power of a Sycamore to regrow after such a brutal act is evident in Rosedale.

We went to the green last week and took a good look at the trunk.

It seems the Rosedale tree once suffered the same fate as Sycamore Gap, but has regrown into a crown of major branches without a central trunk, to become a truly magnificent presence in the village centre.


Rosedale Dale Head

Rosedale Dale Head

I enjoyed a walk with my camera, in this stunning part of the world.

Ahhh, ya know.... I love the North York Moors.

View over Rosedale from the dale head.

Vast skies, deep dales, rolling moors and dramatic light falling on a stunning landscape, it never gets old.

Priceless Antiques Roadshow

Priceless Antiques Roadshow

First aired in 2010 last nights repeat of the wonderful Christopher Payne talking about his glass collection on Priceless Antiques Roadshow was a treat to see.

This little clip was life changing back in 2010. Many thanks to all concerned.

Although we no longer make the Vine Leaf Design, we do make two designs in Cobalt Blue, the Summer Leaves and the Long leaves.

'The Bowl here is an ancient looking shape, its got the sort of feel of ancient Persian roman glass probably of the 1st century, and this wonderful colour and the contrast of these dark blue leaves' Christopher Payne.

Landscape, light and vast skies - North York Moors

Landscape, light and vast skies - North York Moors

Amazing light on Friday as I made my way across the moor tops to the post office. Just love this part of the world and the constantly changing light and colours. Vast skies lift the spirits. Spring is in the air and summer soon to arrive.